For the Love of Neon

Nicknamed ‘liquid fire’, there is no more evocative or beautiful signage medium than neon. And while it is no longer a staple signage system, it has found a strong niche in commissions that require a retro feel or that need to make a visual impact and help businesses stand out. The Sign Show seeks to celebrate and keep up the profile of this amazing sign technology, showcasing the skills of its practitioners and giving visitors the chance to gets hands on themselves.

A Cracking Day Out

The  comment we hear most from visitors to The Sign Show is that not only is it a great place to scope out the latest technology and get a good deal, but it is a fun, entertaining, and informative day out.

The five special visitor attractions at The Sign Show seek to celebrate the past, provide insights into maximising your business in the present, and plan new horizons of growth for the future. The
UK sign industry is an incredibly diverse sector that is full of highly
creative and hard-working entrepreneurs, and The Sign Show seeks to relevant to each and every one, check out what is in store for 2018 below. 


The Revenue Generator

 Competition among UK sign-makers at both a regional and
national level is fierce around core products and services such as built-up
signage, vehicle graphics, and wide-format print. The purpose of this special
attraction is to provide visitors to The Sign Show with free and impartial
business advice, consultancy, and demonstrations they can get hands on with
around four key sectors. Each of these are strong growth sectors that a
sign-maker can diversify into and play to their existing strengths.

Craftsman’s Corner

A highly-acclaimed visitor attraction, Craftman’s Corner is no idle curiosity. Each of the expert practitioners of their craft running demonstrations on this zone run thriving businesses that are growing due to a bump in demand for hand-made and crafted products. Each also offers their skills as a trade service and so the area is both entertaining, while also providing a new stream of potential revenue.. 


The Business Seminar Theatre

Whether it is targeted sales training, business diversification seminars, or in-depth talks on the major technology and economic trends influencing the UK’s sign-making industry, there will be something at The Business Seminar Theatre that will be of real value to every visitor to The Sign Show. With more than 30 individual drop-in sessions—all of which are free and open access to visitors without any need to pre-book—this is a visitor attraction that provides amazing added value to a day spent at The Sign Show.

The Golden Ticket

The Golden Ticket Prize Draw is a real highlight of The Sign Show. Every pre-registered visitor receives a personalised print invitation to the show with a Golden Ticket attached to it. To enter the draw, they just need to bring it to The Sign Show and have it scanned on the door. In 2018 there will be more than £9,000 worth of prizes, and every day three lucky visitors will be independently drawn at 12.00, 14.00, and 16.00. At the 2017 show Epson provided a Sure Color SC-T5200 large-format printer worth £2,300 as the star prize. 

The Golden Ticket prize draw works as a fantastic added incentive for visitors to make the time to attend The Sign Show. The staged prize draws are announced throughout the show and have the added impact of keeping visitors in the hall as they await the results.


The Software Training Theatre

In today’s highly-competitive sign industry every edge counts, whether that is a sign-maker’s turnaround time, the creativity their design department, control of wastage, the consistent quality of products, or making sure their manufacturing technology is run as efficiently as possible. At The Software Training Theatre visitors can access everything from free training on Adobe software packages, through to in-depth insights into the tangible benefits of the latest management information systems.

“Set up was great, it has been friendly and organised. And the show really is a breath of fresh air. Another important factor is that its focus on non-printed signage leads to a high quality of visitor.”

Carl Eastwood, Applec

“The quality of visitor is high, they are switched on and they know the market well. Five years ago, there would not have been as much fabric at the show but it is now definitely an emerging side of the industry.”

Alexander Brice, Brand Stand UK

“We are glad we exhibited, and I think the show has been good for the industry.”

Mike Vince, Irpen